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Betsy Enzensberger x Alicja Kozlowska


This is a collaboration between me, Alicja Kozłowska and resin artist Betsy Enzensberger. We decided to combine our techniques and made melting pop sculptures with embroidered wrappers!
This series is a limited Edition of 5. All sculptures are available at .

About Original Melting Pops™ by Betsy Enzensberger. 
Each sculpture is unique and can not be exactly replicated. Betsy Enzensberger founded the Original Melting Pops™ in 2016. She specializes in creating larger-than-life resin art works, sculpting a variety of ice cream art, most notably melting popsicle pop art. Her shape stays true to the ice cream, yet the design elements continue to evolve.

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