"There is a freshness and experimentalism to Alicja’s work."

"Alicja’s focus on everyday objects provides an opportunity for us to rethink these items we take for granted."- Mr X


Alicja Kozlowska, born in Warsaw, creates and lives in Poland. Fascinated with Pop Art from an early age, deals with textile art. She creates 3d embroidered felt sculptures of everyday objects drawing inspiration from the reality that surrounds us, consumerism and everyday objects. She is a member of the S.E.W. association. Her works have been recognized and awarded by CFA Artist of the Year Award [2019] and The 36th International Artvita Online Art Contest. In 2020 she took part in #iClapFor project created by Ian Barry. Despite her young age, she can boast of a permanent exhibition in the LAM museum in Lisse, Netherlands, Banana peel "Andy” and ”Heinz”, both felt sculptures. 

In 2020 and 2021 Alicja will show in many galleries across Europe and in the United States, such as Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge and Artifact Gallery in NY.

Her works will also be seen on art fairs in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and  Monte Carlo.

She has numerous publications in art magazines, like Designboom,Inspirations magazine,Textileartist, Spotlight Magazine, and many others.

Her passion is broadly understood textile art and handicraft. Starting from crochet, through embroidery, fashion, accessories and ending with artquilt. Her performances created in public places shows the coherence of art with mass production and consumerism. She draws inspiration from everyday life, trying to popularize Fiber Art and embroidery.


Whether economic, philosophical, social or cultural, the context in which an artwork is created and the complicity of the artist within that context is intrinsic to its meaning. I became interested in artquilt technique and embroidery in 2017 . I started to create 3d embroidered felt sculptures of everyday objects to provide an opportunity to rethink these items we take for granted. I draw inspiration from the reality that surrounds me, consumerism and everyday objects. I create in the aesthetics of Pop Art. In my works I use a needle, like a brush. I combine various materials from labels, newspapers, foils, to felt and fabric.


My artwork is intimately connected to daily life, social and mass media contexts which in turn have helped define not only the meaning of my artworks but also me as an artist. No artist can control the passage of time, but I do my best to be more mindful of cultural and presentation contexts, and how this process attributes meaning to my artworks.


I would like to popularize and change the perception of fabric, which can also become a work of art. Every work requires commitment and patience from me, it is unique, created spontaneously without a specific pattern and in a fit of inspiration. Working with material is my passion. I try to make each of my works unique and stimulate the viewer's imagination.



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-    LAM museum in Lisse, Netherlands [2019-now] | Banana peel "Andy” (felt sculpture)

-    LAM museum in Lisse, Netherlands [2019-now] | ”Heinz” (felt sculpture)

-    SZTUKA 6, Warszawa, Poland [17.10.2019] | 8 felt sculptures

-    "POP ART AWARD" M.A.D.S. Milano gallery, Milan, Italy [22.11-06.12.2019] |  "Sock" (felt sculpture)

-    Virtual Shoe Museum [2020-now] | ”Martens” (felt sculpture)


-    ART UpCLOSE [2020] | New York


-    #iClapFor - this project is an animation of hands clapping which was projected on to buildings around the world, to say thank you to key workers in the pandemic.  [2020] | Clapping hands (embroidery on felt) |

Shown in: England (London, Newcastle, Halifax, Gateshead, Leicester, Dewsbury, Margate, Carlisle, Shrewsbury, Dover, Hastings, Brixham, Kirklees, Plymouth, Chesterfield, Oxford), USA (Princeton, New York), Ireland (Achill Island , Belfast, Bunratty Castle, Cahersiveen, Carrick-on-Suir, Ballymote, Cork, Dingle, Drumcliff, Dublin, Enniskillen, Galway, Giants Causeway, Kinvarra, Limerick, Newcastle, Rock of Cashel, Tipperary, Valentia Island, Waterford), Germany



-    CFA Artist of the Year Award [2019] | Finalist

-    The 36th International Artvita Online Art Contest | Certificate of Excellence [Finalist]

-    Artist of The Month [May, 2020], Dark Yellow Dot | Artist of The Month

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