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Banksy Who?


The project aims to popularize textile art and, at the same time, transform the modern viewers approach to the needlework.
The graffiti I embroidered shows a fascinating combination of traditional craftsmanship and street art. In this unique form of artistic expression, embroidery, a technique usually associated with delicate and subtly decorated materials, is transferred to elements of the urban landscape. Using embroidery and art quilt to create graffiti, I was able to take advantage of the benefits hidden in this technique that are impossible to achieve with ordinary paint, such as the three-dimensionality and sparkle of the beads, the patterns contained in the fabrics I used or textures common for embroidery.
My graffiti is made from thick felt and various materials from labels, newspapers, foils to fabrics, covered with endless layers of embroidery.

It is an expression of creativity that pushes the boundaries of conventional thinking about street art and shows that even the oldest craft techniques can find new and surprising applications in the modern world. Through my work I want to show a different side of textiles. In my opinion, this field of art has great potential and can become a very contemporary artistic medium.

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