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In my works, I very often manifest a lack of consent to the unrestrained consumerism engulfing us. I try to force the viewer to leave the comfort zone and change from a passive observer to an active activist for a better tomorrow. To make the recipient think about where we all are going.
My work is a state of confusion in the lens of everyday life that surrounds us. We often talk about the problem of tons of plastic in the oceans or melting glaciers, but does anyone still pay attention to the reality around us? With the development of civilization, the world has become very small. We tread on the remains of undeveloped nature for the sake of contact with it. We create National Parks to protect nature and then transfer tons of waste there to look again at what we are just losing.
The world is changing, but I strongly believe that each of us has an impact on the direction of these changes. I would like my work to be an impulse to wean off so-called "normality". That this exaggeration would recall frames of everyday life that we automatically erased out of fear of the consequences of disturbing the comfort of indifference and anonymity.

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