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"i.d." -project

The inspiration for that project was a global view of the diversity and individuality of people around me. I took into account the aspects that connect everyone regardless of age, profession, or nationality. Each of us lives differently, looks different, but there are things that connect everyone around the world. Undoubtedly, there are many common parts, universal for all the people. I was looking for everyday items, and in a sense, intimate items. I wanted to present the characteristics of ordinary inhabitants of our planet but in an unusual way. Show how different we are and how similar we are at the same time. 
Each of us has at least one drawer for things needed immediately, although sometimes completely unnecessary. It's hard to get rid of them, they've always been there, often forever. My project is a study of different drawers, interpreting different personalities and showing different parts of the world.
My drawers will be made using many techniques, included in the term of the broadly understood "artistic fabric", which will undoubtedly give them originality and emphasize the uniqueness of this field of art.

How to become a part, co-creator of my project? It's very simple, just send the form (which is available for download below) with a photo of your drawer to . Please include the name of the project ("i.d.") in the title of your email.
Selected entries will be sewn by me and become part of the installation.

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