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Work created in 2021 from felt, cotton and other materials commonly found in production, made with the artquilt and embroidery technique.
By creating colorful and eye-catching Pop Art works, I try to draw the viewer's attention to our surroundings. I show how much and how quickly we are flooded by consumerism, which is artificial in its form and material. How long and bumpy the road is ahead of us. I try to influence consciousness because it is the awareness of ecological destruction that is the most important step in the fight for our future and the future of our planet.
Using my creativity I build a sense of common ecological responsibility and the belief that it is us, and not governments or large corporations, that will change our habits. It is us who must feel the need to change and, through our choices, steer the global industry.
If the temperature on Earth continues to rise, one-sixth of plant species may disappear in just a few years.
With my sculpture, I present a dystopian vision of the future in which the basic species of fruit are dying out and replaced by their artificial counterparts. I am asking a rhetorical question whether our myopia and desire for quick profits accelerate the process of devastating the planet earth?
Highly processed food is often the entirety of our daily meals, but can everything be replaced?
I leave these questions open, hoping that my work will force the viewer to reflect at least a little.

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