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Critical review- art curator Silvia Grossi | International Contemporary Art Exhibition “POP ART AWARD” | M.A.D.S. MILANO contemporary art gallery

Pop Art was bom in the late 1950s as a new art aimed at the mass and not at the individual. The artists were inspired by the objects of everyday reality and they transfigured them inio their works, moving away from their natural environment and isolating them: banal objects, which we give little importance, were elevated to the Olympus of art. The very young Polish artis! Alicja Kozlowska managed to create her own personal Pop art, combining artisanal textile techniques with everyday objects. So, amazing sculptures like "Sock" are bom: a wonderful work of art quilt combined with embroidery and felt. An almost banal object like a sock can become a unique object of craftsmanship, executed with extreme attention to detail, a true artistic sculpture, proof of absolute technical mastery in the manipulation of fabrics. An exponent of Pop Art, thai makes the transformation of common objects his distinctive trait, is Claes Oldenburg, who reproduces edible or everyday products in his giant sculptures in plastics. The hyperbolic proportions lend, in their provocative action, to establish new relationships of identification of contemporary civilization in a direct and brutal confrontation with the ephemeral objects thai daily surround it. Alicja instead brings all this thought back inio amore contained and almost comforting dirnension: her works are more intimately connected with the social context and everyday life. Then, the choice of using fabrics as materials for sculptures makes them warmer and more familiar. The idea of inserting a needle under the heel gives to the sculpture dynamism and realisticity: it seems thai it is going to lean against it involuntarily, launching a ery of pam. 

"Pop Art, moreover, is the latest manifestation of that process of trespassing art in life, and enriching the open language of art in contact with life" (Maurizio Calvesi) 

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